Dual-Energy Furnace Installation and Connection – Dual Energy Heating

Installation et branchement de fournaise bi-énergie chauffage bi-énergieInstallation and connection of dual energy furnace – bi-energy heating. Fuel oil prices are boosting interest in dual-energy heating in homes and apartment buildings. If your oil furnace system is more than 20 years old, converting your furnace to a dual-energy – bi-energy furnace installation and connection will pay for itself in less than 6 years and sometimes much faster.

Installation and connection of dual-energy furnace – dual-energy heating, for comfort at a lower cost!

The bi-energy concept marketed by Hydro-Québec (installation and connection of dual-energy furnace – dual-energy heating) is a heating system that uses two sources of energy: electricity and fuel, Oil or gas. The fuel is used as a supplementary heating source in very cold weather. Electricity is used for most of the heating season (outside temperature of -12 ° C or -15 ° C, depending on the region). The auxiliary source (oil or gas) takes over in very cold weather (outside temperature below -12 ° C or -15 ° C).

Installation and connection of dual-energy furnace – bi-energy heating for a better rate!

By opting for the installation and connection of dual-energy – dual-energy heating, you can benefit from a generally favorable rate, the DT rate, the price of which varies according to the temperature. Heat your home with a dual energy system and save money with the Hydro-Québec DT rate.

At Sylvain Gobeil Electrician inc. Installation and connection of dual-energy furnace – bi-energy heating is our expertise since 2001!

Sylvain Gobeil Électricien inc., We have long-standing experience and precise knowledge in the installation and connection of dual-energy furnace – dual-energy heating. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to constantly guarantee a service that reflects the highest standards of quality in the industry. In addition, our team has mastered all the techniques of installation and connection of two-energy furnace – dual-energy heating, leading to sustainable installations and we take care to assist our customers in the choice of powerful models. Certified and reliable, all our experts have the job well done and are committed to achieving customer satisfaction.

Free estimate on our dual-energy furnace installation and connection service – bi-energy heating

Do not hesitate to call Sylvain Gobeil Électricien inc. Today have guaranteed you quality work and courteous service. We are members of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q: 8277-0397-51) and we hold a license for the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (C.M.E.Q) along with $ 5,000,000 in liability insurance, demonstrating our professional qualification to offer a work worthy of your confidence. An evaluation by one of our professionals will determine what type of intervention is desirable. In addition, you can benefit from a free estimate on our dual-energy – dual energy heating installation and connection service.