Liability insurance

Sure of our knowledge and our know-how, we want to guarantee the meticulousness of our techniques to all our customers.
That’s why Sylvain Gobeil Électricien inc. has a $ 5,000,000 liability insurance for potential accidents or unforeseen situations.
The success of each of the projects we embark upon is important to us and it is with a passion that has made our reputation that our professionals are committed to complementing it.

With Sylvain Gobeil Électricien inc. , you will be assured that your dreams will be in good hands. Our dynamic and passionate team will guarantee impeccable and lasting results.
If you discover an anomaly in our work, you can rest assured that we will examine the problem and make corrections as soon as possible.

Our favorite area is the Sherbrooke area (Magog, Granby, Lennoxville, Waterloo, Bromont, Orford, Windsor, Drummondville, East Angus, Asbestos, Thetford Mines, etc.) and its surroundings.
Nevertheless, depending on the task required, certain contracts can be made beyond this region.
Do not hesitate, contact us today to get a free estimate of your work by one of our professionals.